Healing Herbs – Garlic

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Garlic is one of the helpings healing herbs. It can prevent, treat and prevent illness. The key is to eat garlic and drink it regularly.

Benefits of Garlic

o Worldwide: Garlic is a wonder herb. It is found in almost every part of the world and grows every year.o Plants: Garlic grows more around plants than any other herb.o Chemin: Garlic has powerful Chemin, which helps to fight against intestinal worms and infections, especially in children.


o Garlic prevents yeast infections and it also helps to cure fungal conditions.o It helps to control blood sugar levels by lowering blood pressure.o It helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Diuretic and Digestive

o Garlic helps to cleanse the body of toxins and wastes. It works as a diuretic, digestive aid, and laxative.o It helps to maintain healthy digestion, which gives you the energy you need to get a well-balanced diet.o Several studies have shown that it helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, which can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Weight loss

o Garlic helps to control your weight by increasing the level of satiety. It curbs your appetite by tickling your stomach.o The nutrients in garlic protect against cancer, which is why it is recommended for women who want to lose weight.o In an open study found that garlic juice versus tamper Edmundosis one of the demonstrated bioactive components to be responsible for the anti-cancer effect.o The garlic extract stimulates the production of stress hormones which in turn triggers our satiety center to produce more appetite and leads to weight loss.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Garlic is one of the most common foods found in Alzheimer’s Disease. Garlic is one of the most studied plants known to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. contains a cocktail of anti-oxidants, and is also found in soaps and shampoos.

It helps to rid the body of toxins including what is found in Alzheimer’s which is why it is so highly recommended. Other liquids such as coffee and tea can also be beneficial to our bodies if taken occasionally instead of heavily cooked foods.

attractive aroma

fresh garlic can improve the flavor of a dish and is responsible for the aroma of a good meal.

anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties

Garlic helps to kill bacteria: It has a strong ability to kill all sorts of bacteria found in organisms. The thickness of the garlic’s skin prevents water from penetration inside the garlic.

Besides that, garlic is also effective against fungi and other microorganisms because it contains a powerful anthocyanin, and the green pigment contained in garlic is called Allium sativum.

Healthy Immune System

Besides, garlic has high nutritional value. It is a rich source of vitamins A, B, and C. The nutrients in garlic help to protect our immune system.

It acts as an antioxidant: Garlic contains iron, vitamin C, and selenium, which act as antioxidants. This is the property that allows the blood vessels to relax, keeping our heart healthy.

It helps to regulate estrogen levels: Garlic contains linoleic acid and it is effective in regulating estrogen levels, which can affect men’s sexual health.

It is recommended to mix about 4 parts garlic to 1 part olive oil to cook.

GarlicTraditionally, the white layer of garlic is carefully and skillfully peeled from the skin. For this reason, Italian menaccusegarlic of being even sexier than its female counterparts.

It is related to Penicillium, a genus of about 100 species, and is the principal source of omentum and other related pathogens.

ParsleyErigerate parsley or mix it with other ingredients to Trim the edges.

Use it as a garnish: Garlic can be garnished with equal amounts of vinegar, lemon juice, and/or pimento.

Cooking with Garlic

Peel the garlic cloves and check for sprouts.

MinestroneServes 4


2 lb. fresh pkg. extra-virgin olive oil1 medium onion, sliced3 carrots, peeled and chopped1 medium potato, diced1 celery stalk, trimmed1 zucchini, sliced1 small tomato, diced1 cup red wine vinegar

Serves 4


1/2 lb. freshMajorana rice, rinsed and drained1 lb. fresh spinach, washed and trimmed1/2 tsp. saltásalt and pepper to taste

Other Ingredients

For filling:

1 pkg. creamy peanut butter1 large onion, sliced1/4 tsp.

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